Legal Advice

1.- Protection of personal information

Conforming to the Law or Originality 15/1999, from December 13th, the Protection of Personal Information, CODIFICACIÓN DEPORTIVA SPORTMAS, S.L , informs to its customers that all of their personal information will be stored in an automatic file, created and maintained under the responsibility of CODIFICACIÓN DEPORTIVA SPORTMAS, S.L.

This file will serve to help send commercial offers about specific products and servicies resulting from customer interest. CODIFICACIÓN DEPORTIVA SPORTMAS, S.L. guarantees security and confidentiality of personal information in this system, promising the responsibility of guarding and keeping secret your personal information, as well as taking necessary steps to avoid your modification, loss, mistreatment or non authorized use in the system. Therefore, all the information about our clients will not be used for commercial purposes or given to third parties.

Customers of CODIFICACIÓN DEPORTIVA SPORTMAS, S.L will be able to practice rights of access, correction, cancellation and opposition in every moment, communicating any of these to us at our email

2.- Intellectual property

Source codes, graphical designs, brands, commercial names, images, animations, software, distinct texts or signs and whatever class, as well as the information and content the are recognized in are protected by the Spanish legislation about intellectual and information property rights in favor of CODIFICACIÓN DEPORTIVA SPORTMAS, S.L. and the total, or partial, reproduction and/or publication of the website, or its treatment of information, distribution, diffusion, modification, transformation or decomposition is not permitted. Additionally, all use of its title without prior written and verbal permission from CODIFICACIÓN DEPORTIVA SPORTMAS, S.L. is strictly prohibited.

Only and exlusively the user can use the material that appears on this website for their personal and private use, with it being prohibited to use them for comercial purposes or to illicit illegal activities. All intellectual property rights are explicitly reserved by CODIFICACIÓN DEPORTIVA SPORTMAS, S.L.

CODIFICACIÓN DEPORTIVA SPORTMAS, S.L. will watch over all the previous conditions and see that the content is correctly presented and utilized in your web pages, exercising all civil actions and penalties that may correspond to the case of infraction or misimplementation of these rights on the part of the user.

3.- Third party linkages

Links to other web pages not involving a declaration or a subscription of its content by the part of CODIFICACIÓN DEPORTIVA SPORTMAS, S.L. If you wish to remove a link to one of your sites from our web pages, we ask that you get in contact with us at:

CODIFICACIÓN DEPORTIVA SPORTMAS, S.L. does not have control over some content of already made pages and in no case will it be held responsible for the truth of already said information and its use. Likewise, it would not be able to be considered responsible for any damage of any kind that came from visitors of these web pages or from the use of the information contained in them, indluding if someone was purposefully advised of the possibility of these damages.

4.- Webpage modification

CODIFICACIÓN DEPORTIVA SPORTMAS, S.L. es reserva el dret de efectuar, en qualsevol moment i sense necessitat de previ avís, modificacions i actualitzacions de la informació que conté la Web, de la configuració i presentació d'aquesta i de las condicions d'accés.

a) Use of cookies CODIFICACIÓN DEPORTIVA SPORTMAS, S.L. is able to use cookies when a user navegates through the separate parts of the web page. These cookies are small archives that our computer sends to yours, but that don´t provide information about your name, or other personal information. The cookies we use cannot read information from your computor, or cookies that already exist on your computer as well. The user also has the possibility of configuring your URL browser to advise you when these cookies are received, as well as the ability to prevent their installation on your hard drive. Please, consult the instructions and manuals of your browser to expand this information. It is not necessary for the user to permit the installation of these cookies in order to gain access to the information on the website.

5.- Others

b) Visitor records CODIFICACIÓN DEPORTIVA SPORTMAS, S.L. communicates with the user that accesses the web page´s server to detect different information such as your location, language, operating system, etc…. All of this information is registered by Google Analytics with the goal of obtaining statistical measurements that allow one to know different statistical data.

c) CODIFICACIÓN DEPORTIVA SPORTMAS, S.L. reserves the right to modify the present conditions in whatever moment they choose as well as other general conditions that result from application.

6.- Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

The Spanish legislation and jurisdiction are applicable related to everything on the page of CODIFICACIÓN DEPORTIVA SPORTMAS, S.L, just as to the users as well.

The users of this web page accept these terms and conditions.

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